Английский язык Архивный вопрос

A) Прочитай текст.
It was an unusual (необычное) morning. Jason got up early, at 5.00 a.m. He went to the kitchen. His grandpa was there. Breakfast was ready. After breakfast Jason and his grandpa left the house. They took their bikes and rode to the river. They started fishing. That morning they cayght 7 fish. Jason caught only one fish but it was the biggest. Jason was happy.
b) Запиши вопросы.
Пример: 1) When did Jason get up? - At 5.00 a.m.
2)_____________? - To the kitchen.
3)_____________? - Jason's grandpa.
4)_____________? - Yes, they did.
5)_____________? - Their bikes.
6)_____________? - 7.
7)_____________? - Yes, he was.

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