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Помогите решить упражнение 53

Помогите решить упражнение 53
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1 there is no language which can exist without gramma
2 vocabulary is essential part of gramma
3 of course it does, without training you won't be able to remember anything.
4. If you are interested in something it goes better.
5. Sometimes phrasal verbs by themselves can mean opposite things.
6. If you don't keep yourself up to date with idioms you won't know which ones are old fashioned and not used any more
7 if you use the intonation wrongly you can sound rude.
8.if you know both formal and informal English you will never mix them up
9. Sure it is. Then you'll be able to communicate with people around you
10. Of course it is know that reading develops all your skills in learning language
11 listening is one of the most difficult parts in learning any language.
12. Sure it isn't . You will never know it perfectly well. There will alway be something to learn.

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