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Exercise II. Complete using the words: rent pipe hedge tilted bunk beds attic block cramped tiny ceiling
1. A: Where’s the nearest bank?
B: Go straight on. It’s only a … from here.
2. While clearing up the … you may come across a lot of unexpected things.
3. Aunt Silvia is extremely proud of her garden, however … it may be.
4. There are … for the twins to sleep on.
5. Ours is that red-brick cottage with the … roof.
6. A … is much nicer than a fence and it gives the same privacy.
7. The flat is located in a fashionable area so the … is quite high.
8. After the fire the walls and the … were blackened by the smoke.
9. A: Look! There’s some water on the floor.
B: It must be the leaky …. Let’s call for a plumber.
10. The room has got …. You’d better throw away half of the furniture.
Exercise III. Match the beginnings with the endings to make sentences.
1. Enormous old castles are very expensive ...
2. Having moved the house they found it hard to adjust ...
3. It’s common to work in the centre but live in ...
4. Are there any houses for ...
5. His salary is hardly enough to ...
6. In a village the shops, school etc are within ...
7. Will you please see the guests ...
8. The telephone bills aren’t included in the monthly ...
9. She simply can’t settle down. She moves ...
10. I’ll show you ...
a) sale in the neighbourhood?
b) pay the bills.
c) out as you might get lost in this labyrinth.
d) to new environment.
e) house every couple of years!
f) rent you pay.
g) to maintain.
h) the suburbs.
i) out while I’m clearing the table?
j) walking distance.
Exercise IV. Match the vocabulary with the correct definition and write a-j next to the numbers 1-10.
1…… This is usually made from wood and you can enter or leave a room through it.
2 The metal object that hangs on the wall and keeps us warm.
3 This is made from glass and you can look outside through this.
4 The plastic object you have to press to turn the lights on and off.
5 The object that hangs on the wall and blows out hot or cold air.
6……. This is a colourful and sometimes beautiful decoration we put on the floor.
7 The bottom part of the room where the carpet usually is.
8 The top part of the room where the lights usually are.
9……. There are usually four of these in the room above the floor but below the ceiling.
10….. The plastic object where you can plug your electronic items such as a computer or TV.
a. aircon b. radiator c. ceiling d. door
e. floor f. window g. wall h. socket
i. switch j. carpet

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Заполните, используя слова: аренда хедж труба наклонена двухъярусные кровати чердака блок теснота крошечных потолка 1. А где ближайший банк? Б: идите прямо на. Это только ... отсюда. 2. При расчистке ... вы можете встретить много неожиданных вещей. 3. Тетя Сильвия чрезвычайно гордилась своим садом, однако ... это может быть. 4. Есть ... для близнецов спать. 5. Наша заключается в том, что красно-кирпичный коттедж с т

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