Английский язык Архивный вопрос

Срочно. Изменить вопросы, чтоб они стали правильными. What lesson/have/at 11pm?
Where/eat/at lunch time?
Where go/at 2 pm?
What/do/at 5 pm?
What film/watch/at 8 pm?
Have lessons/from 8 am till 1 pm?
Do your homework/from 3 pm to 5 pm?

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1. What lesson have you got at 11 am?
I have /English Math/
2.Where are you eat at lunch time?
At lunch time, l eat at/in...
3.Where are you go at 2pm?
4.At 2 pm l am going to park.
5. What do you do at 5 pm?
At 5 pm l do my Homework.
6.What film you always watch at 8 pm?
I always watch Harry Poter.

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