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Ответить на вопросы 1 where is the brit school 2 how long is the lunch break 3 how old are the student ts at the school 4 what subjects do students study 5 when did the the school open.
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Lunch break has just started at The Brit School in South East London, and there's an hour before lessons begin again. However at this school the students want to study during their lunch break. Outside three students are playing the guitar together and are writing a song. In the corridor inside another student is stretching and practising some dance exercises. And in the library, some friends are doing their homework and talking about their dreams and plans for the future. Freya thinks that she will be a singer and star in famous musicals in the West End of London. Bill thinks he'll be a soap star and Tania hopes she'll be a successful actress, The Brit School in a special performing arts school for 14-19 year olds who want to work in music, theatre, dance and design.The school is state-funded. This means that the students don't pay any money to go to the school. The students have to work very hard at The Brit School. People think that we have a lot of fun here and sing and dance all day,' says 16-year-old Tania,' but there are a lot of things to learn. We also study the normal school subject: History, Science, English, Maths and IT, By Friday afternoon, I'm always exhausted!' The Brit School opened in 1991 and it now has some very famous old students, Adele Katie Melua, The Kooks and athlete, all went to The Brit School.

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1)Brit school is in south east London
2) lunch brake is one hour long
3)students are14- 19 years old
4)students study performing art, history, science, english,math and IT
5)the brit school opened in 1991

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