Английский язык Архивный вопрос

1) Find the verb or the phrase which means:...
1. a person who isn't able to see
2. a group of dogs
3. a person who keeps animals
4. the disability of hearing
5. a lovely animal
6. the disability of seeing colours
7. to do what you are told
8. having a great worth / value

2) Fill in the gaps with There is/There are
1. ... a lot of information for homework on the internet.
2. ... many musical culture samples on Gobustan rocks.
3. ... many ways of communication nowadays.
4. ... a lot of modern equipment in our school now.
5. ... millions of blogs on the web.

3) Complete the dialogue and act it out. ( и еще перевод текста)
Maks: There is a program on TV tonight about search and rescue dags. Do you want to watch it with me ?

Jane: I know about guide dogs. But I don't know anything about search and rescue dogs. What do ''search'' and ''rescue'' mean?

Maks: ''Search" means '' to look for''. ''Rescue'' means ''to help someone in a dangerous situation''.

Jane: What do these dogs do?

Maks: When there is a disaster , like an earthquake or a flood they help the workers to find missing people. They save people's lives.

Jane: Oh, really? How can they do that?

Maks: They have a great sense of smell. They can find things that people can't.

Jane: Do they need a lot of tranning?
You: .

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