Английский язык Архивный вопрос

СРОЧНО ПАМАГИТЕ ПЕРЕВЕСТИ ТЕКСТ A town mouse and a country mouse were friends. One day the country mouse asked his friend to come and see him at his home near the wood. The town mouse liked the idea. Soon he visited his friend. He drove to the country in his car.
The country mouses house was small. There was only one room in it,but it was cosy and nice. The country mouse grew flowers near his house. The mice sat down to table. There were seeds and roots on the table. They spent some time at the table,ate some seeds and drank some water. The town mouse didnt like the food.
He said: " My dear friend, you live here no better than the ants. Come and see my house and all the things I can eat. " So when the town mouse was ready to leave,he decided to take the country mouse with him. It was evening when they came to a big beautiful house. The town mouse showed his friend a big larder with lots of good food. There was cheese,butter and eggs. There was a lot of milk and cream too. The country mouse liked the food very much.Soon they began their supper. But before they started to eat they heard some voices,the door opened and a man came in. The two mice ran into a narrow dark hole under the floor. Soon the door closed and the mice wanted to have their supper, but again they heard some voices,and the door opened again.
This was too much for the visitor. " Goodbye ", said the country mouse. " I am going home. I can see that you live in a rich house with a lot of food,but your home is a dangerous place. In my house i can enjoy my food,in your house i couldnt

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